Friday, July 13, 2012

Eric and "Jackson"

I picked up my puppy, Jackson, from Jean in April.  After talking to many breeders in my search process, I knew once I talked with Jean I wanted one of her dogs.  From March to April she provided me with pictures and updates many days each week.  It was great to see him grow and get the updates on how he was doing.  From the moment I brought Jackson home he never stops impressing me!  He is extremely smart, picks up things VERY quickly and is great with dogs, adults, and small children.  He has been doing great in his puppy class and with his clicker training.  Last week I was struggling to put his walking harness on, he kept wanting to chew on it. I then remembered he knows "leave it" command (which I taught him during training work).  I told him "leave it" and he stood perfectly still and let me strap the harness on him!  I couldn't recommend Jean and Hat Creek enough.