Saturday, July 14, 2012

Officer Ron and Deputy Lilly

Officer Ron and Lilly of Hat Creek
My name is Ron and I am a K9 Officer with our Sheriff's Department.  I have trained and handled dogs since 2001.  I came across Ms Jean when I went looking for a lab to train up as my partner.  The first time I talked with Ms Jean I knew I had found someone with the knowledge, training, and experience to breed and select dogs.  She showed me Lilly and she had drive that was out of this world and I knew immediately she would become a great Narcotics Detector Dog.  And she did.  We worked Criminal Interdiction on our interstate and Lilly bagged many a criminal.  Ms Jean knows what dogs are going to make great "family friends" and which are going to make great service dogs.  Thanks Ms Jean.  I was going to post a picture of Lilly's first hit which netted us a pound of marijuana but I don't see where to post a photo....sorry
but I have a picture of you and Lilly when you came to visit!!