Tuesday, July 10, 2012

David and Terry Brown

"Charlie" was a gift to my wife for a graduation present.  I'm a nut for doing research before I make any investment, especially when it involves a long term commitment.  Terry and I were looking for an American Field Lab.  We looked on the internet for several months and found a lot of breeders that claimed they had the American Field Lab and to my surprise the majority of them had a cross between the English and the American Field Lab.  Terry came across Hat Creek Farm and I did my research and Jean had the quality of lab we were looking for.  After talking with Jean we knew our search was over. "Charlie" was born 3/04/2013.  Having a good temperament, and just being part of the family was important to us.  It was just a bonus that they were also bred for hunting and being used in search and rescue.  This takes a very special blood line to be able to do that- I know because I have several hunting dogs.  Charlie is a yellow female American field Lab, from day one she has been crate trained and at 12 weeks we had her trained to sit, lay down, stay, and not pulling on a leash.  She is very close to being able to walk by me off leash.  When we feed her next to our other lab, Hunter, I give them a wait command and get them to stay before they eat.  It takes a very intelligent dog to do that and at such an early age!  Our vet even mentioned she sees a lot of labs and is impressed with Charlie's intelligence.  I think Charlie understands the English language!  I know from raising puppies the personal care you give them is unbelievable and it makes them very special.  I will keep a long term relationship with Hat Creek Farm and we love the breed so much we are going to keep the Yukon blood lines going.  I will be purchasing a male from Jean in the future.  Sorry for being long winded but Charlie is worth it!
May Jean be blessed and Hat Creek Farm!