Sunday, July 15, 2012

Edward J. Leonard

     Jeannie O'Connor was a little girl with a big, feisty mare that behaved very badly on occasion. She came to me because she had heard that I could retrain her mare, but more importantly, that I would be kind in doing so. That defines Jeannie ! That was many years ago and the beginning of a lifelong friendship. The mare turned out to be a real lady - and little Jeannie grew up to be a real lady too. Ms O'Connor has many years of experience in the breeding and training of dogs. She is honest, very capable and, above all, she is kind to her "critters". I can recommend her highly and without reservation.
Edward J. Leonard 
Pompton Plains, NJ 

Governor (Ret'd) 
Ramapo Kennel Club 

Garden State Horseshoers Association
 A sad footnote:  My dear friend passed away 11/10/14 at the age of 95. We stayed in touch over the years and always talked "dog" and "horse".  He was a wonderful man and I adored him and his wife, Fran